Evidence law publication 

Evidence Act Revisited for Criminal Lawyers


NZ Law SocietyEditors:Peter Sankoff and Scott Optican
Publisher: New Zealand Law Society
Released: 2010
Format: Paperback, 165 pages


EvidenceActRevistedbookThe Evidence Act Revisited for Criminal Lawyers is a monograph that assesses the changes wrought by The Evidence Act 2006 on New Zealand’s litigation process. It examines the jurisprudence that has emerged in the two years since the Evidence Act revamped New Zealand evidence law and consider how significant those changes have been.

Topics covered

  • (I) Relevance and Prejudice
  • (II) Eligibility and Compellability
  • (III) Hearsay
  • (IV) Examination in Chief
  • (V) Cross-Examination
  • (VI) Opinion
  • (VII) Identification Evidence
  • (VIII) Judicial Warnings
  • (IX) Privilege
  • (X) Reliability/Improperly Obtained Evidence

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