Professor Sankoff’s Criminal Defence Essentials Annual Pass is the best way for you to get affordable access to the latest developments for criminal litigators, and ongoing CLE.

One payment gets you access to every seminar we offer in the calendar year (13 seminars in all), at almost 20% off our regular seminar prices. As always, recordings of the seminars come free to all attendees, and can be watched at any time – forever. It also saves you the trouble of registering for each seminar on a monthly basis.

Our Criminal Defence Essentials package is more than just seminars. Annual Pass holders get priority access to all of our free events (like the free advocacy seminar with Justice Russell Brown we held in May 2021), and a host of additional products, including:

For One Single Purchase, You Get a Year’s Worth of Material

  • Thirteen top notch seminars to attend and/or watch at your convenience
  • 45-50 video case alerts giving you analysis on THE most important jurisprudential developments
  • 8-10 “Cheat Sheets” providing written research to help you on the fly
  • A monthly E-Zine, "The Golden Thread", profiling the latest news in criminal law and giving you Professor Sankoff’s thoughts on big cases, statutory changes and emerging trends. We are planning on producing nine editions per year.

    Annual Pass 2022


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    If you would like to purchase or renew your Firm Pass, please send us an email.

    1) Seminars

    The core of our Criminal Defence Essentials package is our cutting-edge seminar series. Seminars are led by Professor Sankoff and a host of the country’s leading experts on criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence and sentencing.

    Seminars are both topical and practical, geared towards helping lawyers navigate issues that arise in before trial and in the courtroom. Every seminar goes through problems you might face in court, and they have interactive elements, with multiple choice problem questions posed reguarly. At the end of each seminar, Professor Sankoff and his guest speakers stay on line to answer your questions – providing advice about matters that you might be facing right now.

    Our seminars cover a range of essential core litigation topics (like the hearsay rule, and what constitutes improper cross-examination) and delve into the substantive law as well. The popular “Top Cases” series looks at recent developments in the law that are relevant to your practice. Seminars also focus on trial preparation (eg. Witness Communication), criminal procedure (how to challenge a search warrant) and questions about advocacy.


    2) Case Alerts

    Annual Pass Holders also get Case Alerts delivered 40 times a year to your inbox (you can also revisit them through your Annual Pass account on our website).

    In each Case Alert, Professor Sankoff profiles the newest and most important cases with the potential to affect your practice in 10 to 15 minute “bite sized” pieces. Each Case Alert reviews what’s important about the case and includes Professor Sankoff’s trademark legal analysis, explaining what this case means to you!

    Here is an example of a recent case alert on the use of Gladue Reports in a decision of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal: R v Charles.

    You can also purchase selected Case Alerts individually.

    3) Cheat Sheets

    Our cheat sheets are free legal research papers on important topics of interest to criminal litigators. The goal is to give litigators short research sheets on topics that they might need to address quickly in the courtroom!

    4) E-Zine - The Golden Thread

    Our E-zine “The Golden Thread”, which comes out nine times a year, profiles important developments for criminal litigators, highlights key cases and provides tips for young and senior litigators alike. You can also purchase the Golden Thread separately.