Better Use of Visuals – Jennifer Brevorka and Peter Sankoff


11am MST, Friday, 10 March 2023

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. But defence lawyers rarely pick up on this maxim, preferring to run trials with documentary evidence and oral submissions only. There are many advantages to including visuals in your written materials, and also in court. What are the rules governing their use, and how can they be deployed effectively? Find out in this exciting seminar.


Jennifer (Jenny) Brevorka is nimble courtroom advocate and skilled negotiator who frequently represents officials or executives accused of wrongdoing by their employer, the government, or regulators. As a partner at Henein Hutchison Robitaille LLP, she maintains a criminal and civil practice. Before joining Henein Hutchison Robitaille, Jenny served as partner in a Texas trial boutique and successfully defended individuals and corporations in venues across the United States.  Jenny’s American litigation experience includes a bench trial before the Delaware Court of Chancery, criminal jury trials involving multiple defendants in state and federal court, and federal criminal trials with questions of international law.

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