Recorded Seminar: Challenging a Search Warrant/ITO: Tips for a Better Charter Application by Fady Mansour


Recorded: 5 June 2021, 88 minutes

In many cases, whether the client is acquitted or convicted depends SOLELY upon the results of the Charter application against the admission of evidence obtained pursuant to a search warrant. But challenging a search warrant is no easy task, and there are plenty of traps for the unwary. In this seminar, you are given a systematic approach to reviewing a search warrant, and plenty of tips regarding what to look for. Get prepared to give your client the best chance possible in these types of cases.

Fady Mansour is a founding partner at Friedman, Mansour in Ottawa. One of Professor Sankoff’s first criminal law students in Canada, Fady has quickly become one of the country’s top criminal barristers. Now working in partnership with Solomon Friedman, Fady has acted in a variety of criminal matters including murder, attempted murder, firearms offences, major sexual assault, drug trafficking and child pornography. He has become specialized in attacking search warrants and ITOs, and has given many talks on this subject.