Recorded Seminar: Communicating with Witnesses: Sorting Through the Law and the Ethical Rules (accredited for 1 hour Professionalism content with the LSO)


Recorded: 16 October 2020, 80 minutes

This seminar delves into the complex ethical and legal rules governing pre- and in-trial communication with witnesses. What are the dangers of speaking with potential witnesses prior to trial? What is the difference between “coaching” and “interfering” with witness testimony? Are there certain types of witnesses you cannot speak to? If you do choose to speak to a (potential) witness, what should you do to minimize the potential for difficulty down the road?

What happens once the trial starts? When can you speak with your witness – or your client – once testimony is underway? This is an extremely nuanced area and it is easy to go wrong. Professor Sankoff sorts through the details in this informative and practical seminar.

Approved for 1 hr of Professionalism by the LSO