Recorded Seminar: Sentencing Tool Kit – Paul Moreau


Recorded: 3 February 2023, 76 minutes

No defence lawyer likes to see a client convicted, but the trial is only half the battle. Sentence hearings have their own rules and require special preparation. Paul Moreau is a former Crown, now a defence lawyer, and teaches sentencing at the University of Alberta. There isn’t much he has not seen. Join him for an informative look at how to best prepare for a contested sentence hearing.

Paul Moreau has focused his practice on criminal defence since 2001. He argues his cases both at the trial and appeal levels, appearing in all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. He also sits on several committees with Legal Aid Alberta and the Alberta Courts. He is also a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, teaching Sentencing Law since 2017.