Seminar: “Dangerous Driving or Dangerous Defences? ” with Kyla Lee


11am MST, Friday, 3 June 2022

Dangerous driving cases have numerous complexities. The substantive law is challenging to follow, evidentiary perils abound. In this seminar, Kyla Lee of Acumen Law in Vancouver, who specializes in defending accused persons charged with driving offences, will help you navigate the hurdles of a dangerous driving trial.

Kyla Lee

Kyla Lee is a prominent criminal defence lawyer and impaired driving lawyer in Vancouver BC. Kyla is known for her knowledge of the Immediate Roadside Prohibitions. She has appeared as counsel in all levels of Court in BC and as lead counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada. She is the author of Cross-Examination: The Pinpoint Method and Immediate Roadside Prohibitions in Western Canada on LexisNexis.

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