TBD- Chris Rudnicki and Theresa Donkor


11am MST, Friday, 9 June 2023

Chris and Theresa are finalizing the topic they will present in June.

Chris Rudnicki is lead counsel at Rudnicki & Company, a criminal defence firm in Toronto. He specializes in criminal law and has experience in complex, serious, and precedent-setting cases at every level of court. Chris began his career as a trial lawyer, shifting to appellate work in 2019. Though most of Chris’s work today consists of indictable appeals to the Court of Appeal for Ontario, he maintains a small trial, regulatory defence, and animal law practice. Chris sees his law practice as a means of achieving just results for individual clients while contributing to the progressive development of the legal system as a whole.


Theresa Donkor is associate counsel at Rudnicki & Company. She practices criminal defence, with a focus on appeals from conviction and sentence to the Court of Appeal for Ontario. She also acts for lawyers in professional disciplinary proceedings. Theresa’s practice focuses on racial justice. She has advocated for lower sentences to account for systemic anti-Black racism, the need to account for disproportionately harsh jail conditions faced by racialized prisoners, and the importance of cultural competence when representing Black defendants. Theresa sees herself first and foremost as an advocate and works tirelessly to deliver the best results for her clients.

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