“Everybody Loses: The Modern Sexual Assault Trial”


11am MST, Friday, 21 October 2022

Peter Sankoff

Sexual assault cases have become exceedingly complex and cumbersome, leading to increasingly lengthy trials. In addition to creating delays that affect all parties involved, the 276 regime poses significant risks to accused persons, who are routinely subject to cross-examination on their 276 affidavits. Join Professor Sankoff as he considers the detrimental impacts of the existing regime and delves into why the status quo cannot go on—for the sake of all involved.

Granos de Arena

This seminar is by donation. All proceeds go to Granos de Arena, a small (but mighty!) non-profit operating in Campeche, the heart of the Mundo Maya in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. We collaborate with local communities to improve the overall health of homeless dogs and cats struggling to survive on their streets. Poverty, lack of access to education, cultural norms and a merciless climate combine to create brutal conditions for street dogs and cats. We are their voice.

Founded by Ursula Hendel, who retired in 2021 from a familiar career as a criminal prosecutor in Canada to find herself working harder than she ever thought possible in a whole new world.

Based on the fundamental belief that everyone has something to contribute, and that by working together, seemingly impossible things become achievable, we are very grateful to Professor Sankoff and the participants of this seminar for contributing their “Grains of Sand” to make a meaningful difference in the life of some of the planet’s most defenceless creatures.

To learn more about how your donations will be put to use, please visit Granos de Arena’s Facebook and Instagram.

NOTE: This seminar is covered by our Annual Pass. Any donation is much appreciated.

No minimum, but please contribute as much as you feel to support Granos de Arena.
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