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Manning, Mewett & Sankoff –
Criminal Law, 5th Edition

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Authors: Peter Sankoff and Morris Manning Q.C.
Publisher: Lexis Nexis, Canada
Released: August 14, 2015
Format: Hard cover, 1466 pages


A comprehensive treatise on Canadian criminal law, this entirely revamped work addresses both the foundational principles of the criminal law and the offenses in the Criminal Code, as well as defenses and some procedural matters. I also co-authored the 4th ed., released in 2009.

Criminal Law provides an entirely revamped and expanded analysis and critique of the doctrines of criminal responsibility including consideration of the theoretical foundations upon which liability is imposed and the confines required by emerging human rights norms.

Background and content

First released in 1978, Mewett and Manning on Criminal Law has long been Canada’s leading academic treatise on criminal conduct. The text is cited regularly in Canadian courts. Recent examples (all citing the 4th ed.) include:

  • R. v. George, 2017 SCC 38 (citing test for “reasonable steps”);
  • R. v. Gaulin, 2017 QCCA 705 (applying the recommended test for causation);
  • R. v. Tatton (Supreme Court of Canada, May 2015, citing in reference to intoxication);
  • R. c. Larouche (Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada, April 2014, adopting definition of voyeurism offence);
  • R. v. Bourgault (Quebec Court of Appeal, February 2014, citing in reference to street racing);
  • R. v. Cairney (Supreme Court of Canada, October 2013, citing in reference to provocation);
  • R. v. A.D.H (Supreme Court of Canada, May 2013, citing in reference to abandoning a child and mens rea principles);
  • R. v. Levkovic (Supreme Court of Canada, May 2013, citing in reference to principles of fair notice and vagueness);
  • R. v. Ryan (Supreme Court of Canada, January 2013, citing in reference to self-defence and duress).
A one-stop reference
  • Criminal defence lawyers and Crown attorneys who must be able to analyze every criminal offence quickly and in-depth
  • Judges who need to make informed decisions about cases involving criminal law
  • Law students who need a complete overview of how the Criminal Code operates

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