Meet the Team


Gesa Sankoff

Director of Operations

Gesa Sankoff is the Director of Operations of the ever growing Professor Sankoff’s Criminal Defence Essentials. With a background in education and a M.A. in English and German Literature and Language Learning Studies, Gesa was thrilled to support Peter in building what has become Professor Sankoff's Criminal Defence Essentials and is responsible for the coordination of seminars and the design and distribution of our Alert materials. You can contact Gesa at [email protected]


Heather Warren

Product Development Coordinator

Heather Warren is assisting on a range of files and with Professor Sankoff’s Criminal Defence Essentials. Heather is has recently completed her third year of McGill University’s 3.5-year combined B.C.L./J.D. Program. Passionate about constitutional and criminal law, she has been extensively involved in civil liberties and human rights projects. Most notably, she volunteered on UCLA Law’s Covid-19 Behind Bars Data Project, which served to shed light on the reality of the pandemic in carceral facilities. In 2021, Heather was awarded the G.I. Smith Memorial Trust Award for volunteer involvement in public and community affairs.

With a love for criminal law and advocacy, Heather partook in various informal mooting events in anticipation of joining a competitive mooting team. Most recently, she was a member of McGill University’s third-place winning team at the Gale Cup, Canada’s premier national bilingual mooting competition.

This academic year, Heather enjoyed a position as a caseworker at a student-run legal information clinic, which operated to serve the community at a Montreal day shelter. She has also had the chance to share her passion for the law by acting as a teaching assistant to first-year constitutional law students.

Before pursuing a B.C.L. and J.D., Heather earned a B.A. Psychology (with distinction) at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Chili Gonzales

Office Dog and Mascot

Incredibly passionate about criminal law, animal protection, and any snacks that make their way to the floor, becoming a law-dog was Chili’s life-long dream. After receiving his Bachelor of Barking with distinction, Chili went on to receive his Juris-Dogtorate with flying frisbees. The first dog to compete at the Gale Cup moot, Chili barked his way to first place, receiving an oralist prize for his ability to command the room.

Chili knows about the importance of keeping track of his CPD hours (luckily, all our seminars are accredited for CPD credit with every Canadian Law Society (pending approval in Quebec) and is also a keen proof reader of the Golden Thread.

Chili divides his time between Professor Sankoff Criminal Defence Essentials and Sankoff Criminal Law.