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The core of our Criminal Defence Essentials package is our cutting-edge seminar series. Seminars are led by Professor Sankoff and a host of the country’s leading experts on criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence and sentencing.
Seminars are both topical and practical, geared towards helping lawyers navigate issues that arise in before trial and in the courtroom. Every seminar goes through problems you might face in court, and they have interactive elements, with multiple choice problem questions posed regularly.

Weekly Case Alerts

Get weekly Case Alerts! In each Case Alert, Professor Sankoff profiles the newest and most important cases with the potential to affect your practice in 10 to 15 minute “bite sized” pieces.

Stay Current!

Each Case Alert reviews what’s important about the case and includes Professor Sankoff’s trademark legal analysis, explaining what this case means to you!

The Beacon

The bi-weekly Netletter that keeps you in the loop. It provides summaries and short analysis of the most important criminal law decisions and gives you a biweekly update, delivered straight to your inbox .

The latest Cases

Including hyperlinks for your convenience.

Cheat Sheets

Our cheat sheets are legal research papers on important topics of interest to criminal litigators. The goal is to give litigators short research sheets on topics that they might need to address quickly in the courtroom!

Short Research Sheets

Written research to help you on the fly

Searchable Index

Looking for help with a specific criminal law subject? Our monthly subscription model gives members access to a searchable index containing all Case Alerts and Seminars dating back to 2020 when CDE was founded.

Get Answers Faster

Defence lawyers are busy and the law is constantly evolving. Our index is designed to give you quick access to current cases on topic you're researching!

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