MICHAEL OYKHMAN, Savage Oykhman Law, Calgary

As a repeat subscriber to Peter Sankoff’s Firm Annual Pass for my entire network of lawyers spread across multiple provinces, I can certify that this has been one of the best investments in ongoing legal education I have made to date. For a relatively low annual fee, our lawyers get unlimited access to numerous webinars on the fundamentals of criminal law, essential to everyday practice. These seminars are as insightful to seasoned lawyers as they are to junior associates. I especially appreciate not only Peter’s perspective, which I hold in high regard, but those of esteemed colleagues who Peter frequently includes in his presentations. The fact that these seminars are also eligible for mandated Professional Development in several jurisdictions makes them worth every penny.

Moreover, Peter’s Case Alerts keep our entire team up to date on the latest pronouncements from the SCC and appellate courts across the country. Since signing up for Peter’s alerts, rarely do I worry about missing out on a seminal case in criminal law. I rest easy knowing that if it’s important, Peter will likely issue an alert about it!

I have no hesitation in recommending this program not just to independent criminal lawyers, but also to larger organizations, where efficiently educating everyone on the team is essential to the competent delivery of legal services.


RENEE PUGH, Renee Criminal Defence, Edmonton, AB

Continuing Legal Education is essential if you are going to become a successful criminal defence lawyer.

In that regard, Professor Sankoff’s Criminal Defence Essentials are a must! His monthly seminars, case alerts and the Golden Thread magazine provide criminal lawyers with an excellent review of the latest important cases, evidentiary issues that can arise during trial, and keep you on your toes to defend your client’s rights.

As a sole practitioner, I am grateful to Professor Sankoff’s program. It allows me access to a deeper understanding of criminal law through seminars and case alerts. I highly recommend Professor Sankoff’s CDE to all criminal defence lawyers, no matter what stage of your practice you’re in. With the Professor you will be able to keep up on the latest changes and nuances of criminal law that will set you apart.

In a recent trial, which resulted in an acquittal for one of my clients, an evidentiary issue arose on a point that had been covered by Professor Sankoff in one of his seminars. I recognized it immediately, was able to advocate on the point and, most importantly, successfully defend my client.


DIANA SITOIANU, La Group Nouraie, Montreal, QC

Professor Sankoff’s seminars have been an essential tool in my practice.

As a (young) lawyer, I have been constantly learning, tweaking, refining, adapting, and going at a pace that has at times been overwhelming. In this context, the resources offered by Professor Sankoff have been so valuable in understanding complex concepts, and keeping up to date on jurisprudential developments.

I am grateful for his willingness to share knowledge and insight. Without a doubt, the seminars, the case alerts, and the Golden Thread have made me a better, more informed, lawyer.


RORY ZIV, Ziv Law Group, Edmonton, AB

In my estimation, this is the best product for continuing education I’ve come across since becoming a lawyer. I listen to everything this Prof says, and though I don't always agree with him, the insights and resources he provides are invaluable.To take one example, I recently had a favourable reported decision on jury selection. My inspiration and understanding of how to proceed came from listening to the Prof. breaking down the brand-new leading case on the issue into simple parts and then employing his suggestions to take advantage of legal wrinkles.

Another example occurred in a case where the Crown tried to use bad character evidence to advance the narrative and I objected based on a recent Case Alert the Prof provided saying the Crown must first articulate the specific purpose for the use of such evidence (something Crown's typically cannot do).

In another 276/278 application I was once again successful because of references the Prof provided. It’s very useful stuff and you need to subscribe to this Prof and take in as much in as possible.


SHERRY ABOTOSSAWAY, Matthews Law, Northwestern Ontario

As a recent call who started my own firm, I am always looking for the most recent up to date legal resources. When I first started my career, I heard a presentation on hearsay by Professor Sankoff and I was hooked.

Professor Sankoff’s Case Alerts, the Golden Thread Magazine and his seminars, are polished, proficient, accessible and succinct presentations of complicated concepts that are easy to understand.

I have a case where a client defended a friend and Professor Sankoff's R v Khill presentation was so informative that it saved me a ton of time in research and pointed me in the direction as to what to focus on, in regard to this particular clients’ matter.

Sherry is the recipient of our sponsored 2022 Annual Pass for an Indigenous Young Lawyer.


CAROLINE McKENNA, Paquette Wilhelm, Hamilton, Ontario

Professor Sankoff’s Criminal Defence Essentials is a one-stop shop for criminal defence lawyers from all across the country to stay on top of leading cases, hone advocacy skills, and delve into evidentiary and other issues that we confront every single day. The seminars, Case Alerts, and the Golden Thread magazine are all accessible and affordable.

I got the Annual Pass because I know it will make me a better lawyer whether I am drafting an application or confronting a mid-trial issue. There is no way that I could keep on top of new and leading cases from across the country at all levels of court on my own. Professor Sankoff brings in expert guests who contribute to the material being presented in a focused, skilled, and entertaining way. I could not recommend Professor Sankoff’s CDE enough.


THE HONOURABLE J.M. DONOHUE, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Sarnia (retired)

Having just left the Bench of the Superior Court of Justice this spring to join my daughter's office, I am thrilled to be enjoying Professor Sankoff's discussions and analysis of all the developments in Criminal Law and Evidence.


LISA CARNELOS, Windsor, Ontario

As a sole practitioner from Windsor, Ontario, I first discovered Professor Sankoff’s seminars during COVID as I was doing fewer trials and felt I needed to do something to keep my mind in the game. Participating in his seminars made me feel like I was still practising law as I was pre-COVID. Now that we are (by and large) up and running I would never practice without it.

By paying one small price a year you can be a professor Sankoff follower (or “groupie”) and have constant information at your fingertips with access to replays. It has been a very valuable tool and a resource to which I make constant reference. Just recently I ably argued the distinction between use of the prohibitive myths versus utilization of stereotypical myths set out in in a bid to cross -examine on prior sexual history. I did so with confidence thanks to Peter Sankoff.

Professor Sankoff has now expanded the seminar collection to include Case Alerts and his Golden Thread magazine - all included in one small price. If you want more confidence in your knowledge base and want to stay abreast of late breaking law-y ou won’t want to miss your chance at this membership! You should also know that Professor Sankoff has used profits from his programs to assist law students with opportunities to gain experience in the field at a time when it has been most difficult for students to find the experiences that came easy to most of us when we were starting out. He is the founder of the 100 interns project (now run in combination with the Criminal Lawyers’ Association) of which I was a proud member!

Thank you Professor Peter Sankoff for your tireless efforts at educating all of us and your countless hours supporting new lawyers! Do yourself a favour: join Professor Sankoff and his friends, lawyers, academia and authors who present seminars with him - and become a better lawyer - now!