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Professor Sankoff's Guide to Persuasive Legal Writing

After over two decades as a law professor and lawyer, Peter Sankoff has encountered many common writing challenges faced by nearly all writers—from students to seasoned lawyers. Peter’s years of practice have underscored the fact that strong written argument is indispensable to zealous advocacy. Writing challenges impede the effectiveness of otherwise strong arguments, causing much to be lost in translation. In Professor Sankoff’s Guide to Persuasive Legal Writing, Peter shares years of accumulated tips, tricks, and guidance to take your writing to the next level. Designed with busy students and lawyers in mind, the book is filled with practical guidance, examples, and checklists to ensure tips can be easily understood and applied by readers.

Read an excerpt:

“I just finished @petersankoff’s Guide to Persuasive Legal Writing. It’s a phenomenal resource. I’d highly recommend it to all legal professionals and law students.” 
Jacob Roth, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Toronto

“I love it so far! The style of writing feels like a conversation instead of a textbook. The little tips make a big difference too, like fighting the McGill Guide. I’ve always taken pride in my writing but when I review drafts now I feel like my arguments flow better.
And for $80, it’s probably one of the best practice resources I’ve invested in since opening my own firm.”
Jonathan T. Hughes, Criminal and Appeals Lawyer, Halifax

“Peter Sankoff practices what he preaches. This book is engaging, insightful, and, above all, helpful to new and experienced legal writers alike. Drawn from decades of experience as a law professor and lawyer, Peter offers practical tips tailored to the sensibilities (and sensitivities) of legal audiences. Keep it handy—you’ll want to refer to it again and again.”
Caroline Mandell, Founder, Mandell Coaching (

“Professor Sankoff’s guide to legal writing is a must-read for all law students and young lawyers. It offers practical tips and insights learned from years of experience in persuasive legal writing. Professor Sankoff explains important concepts of legal writing in an simple and straightforward way, making it accessible to any person looking to improve their legal writing. I will be providing copies to all my incoming students for years to come.”
Kyla Lee, Partner at Acumen Law, Vancouver

Every good lawyer needs to know how to write clearly and persuasively. In this concise and engaging book, Professor Sankoff delivers practical advice about all aspects of the writing process including style, grammar, and argumentation. This book is a must read for legal professionals at all career stages. “
Dr. Nicole O’Byrne (Associate Professor, UNB Law)

“This book provides a comprehensive summary of the most common legal writing errors and strategies to avoid them. Peter Sankoff gives concrete, accessible suggestions for students to improve their writing.”
Ana Mihajlovic (3L UNB Law)

Professor Sankoff’s Guides Book Package

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