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Criminal Defence Essentials Podcast

Welcome to Professor Sankoff’s Criminal Essentials Podcast! Podcast med res copyProfessor Sankoff talks about Criminal Justice News, his favourite Case of the week and we’re gonna have an Open Season for any questions you have! Join us for great discussions about the criminal law in Canada! To listen to our episodes, please subscribe here or find the podcast on Spotify, Podcasts or other pod catchers to get your criminal law fix.

Translating Criminal Law: Rated G

Our fun, family-friendly podcasts decodes the basics of criminal law for children

TCL logoTranslating Criminal Law: Rated G is a podcast that attempts to explain how the criminal justice system works to kids, while giving adults some insight into tween culture. In this podcast, Peter Sankoff co-hosts with his 12-year-old daughter Penny (and occasional guest host 10 year old son Oscar) and learns tween secrets in return. In each episode, they explore a different criminal law concept. The whole thing is “rated G”, so there’s no dipping into the gorier sides of crime.

Each episode contains a Question of the Day from Penny, which her dad answers with the help of one—and just one—Big Word of the Day, a.k.a. a term commonly used in criminal law. He’s also permitted to use one Latin Word of the Day, because law is so rife with words from the classical language that many non-lawyers don’t understand. Once the day’s subject is explained, in more than a little detail, Sankoff quizzes Penny on the content of what she was just taught. Next, it is Penny’s turn to teach her dad about some of the tween secrets he is certainly clueless about, like the names and credentials of TikTok’s most famous current dance stars. If you’re a parent looking for a way to connect with your kids, this feature alone is worth tracking down the podcast.

Also read their story published in the University of Alberta’s Folio.

Penny and Oscar are currently thinking about new legal questions. To listen to their recordings so far, please subscribe here or find the podcast on Spotify, Podcasts or other pod catchers.



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